Hiking, walking & trekking in Tuscany.

Exploring Italy by foot, whether called hiking, trekking or simply walking, can reward you with memories which will last a lifetime.

We organize numerous excursions and hikng tours in Tuscany. At Azimut our mission is to be the bridge that connects you to wondrous emotions, treasures and memories that you never thought possible. We want to expand  your view of touring Italy to include nature and the outdoors and seeing parts of Italy few have seen before, all with an experienced and local professional as your guide. 

Any hiking tour with us will leave you exhilarated and looking forward to your next hike with Azimut.


We hike, trek, and walk in four macro areas:

The Pisan MountainsSan Rossore Natural Park, The Apuan alps  and Classic Tuscany ,

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Walking in San Rossore park among centuries old Pine trees

The alps rising from the sea


A tiny mountain range

Hiking in Pisa - The view from Montemagno village in Tuscany
The view from Gaiole in Chinti while hiking in Classic Tuscany

Amzing nature and wildlife

The best reagion in Italy


The view from mount Prana while trekking in the Apuan Alps of  Tuscany

These little mountains are practically undiscovered gems, even by many locals.  We are not only familiar with them, we love them. A 10 minute drive from Pisa, they offer a large variety of 1-day hikes which are rich both in historical sites and natural beauty.

San Rossore is where the Italian kings and rulers spent their holidays… Its environment is a mix of different habitats: from wetlands to pinewood forests, from mediterrean scrub to wild beaches all of which teaming with wildlife. Our walk, or pedal, will snake through all this beautiful spots up to a remote beach.

No need to travel far to find the thrill and excitement of high mountains. As old as the Himalaya and as rich with history, the Apuan Alps feature marble quarries and abandoned mountain settlements along with spectacular views.  On a clear day you can even see the snow-peaked mountain tops of the sister Alps off in the distance.

Tuscany has so much to offer, and a lot of it is just 1 hour drive away from Pisa. Rolling hills of Volterra, the amazing vineyards and wineries of Bolgheri, Chianti in whole its splendor. With one of our day trips you will have the possibility to truly explore and experience these worldwide famous areas.

Discover the best of Tuscany by foot. Walk the land as a local would.

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