Giulio Cuccioli | Hiking guide in Tuscany

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My name is Giulio Cuccioli, I'm a Trekking Guide that has walked, hiked, camped, climbed this earth for over twenty years.


My passion for the outdoors began while I was a child with my dad waking me up when it was still dark outside to go small game hunting. 


I call those years "the hunter's son years" when the weight on my shoulders didn't use to be a backpack but the bodies of our preys. In that period I understood the real meaning and value of walking and that true beauty is reachable only by walking. But my dad and his old friends bored me and I wanted to discover more of the natural world that surrounded me.


I became a boy scout. Summits, long treks and camp fires fuelled me through my teens and the taught me that to survive you really need much less that you think you do. The size of your back pack is a good filter to decide what you really need.


Rock climbing was next, and for a time it was all there was in my life.


Then I moved to London, stayed there for 7 years, worked in the outdoor retail industry, kept walking, kept climbing, move back to Italy, became an official Treking Guide, got a job in sales became  an international sales manager but during  my business trip I would constantly look outside and plan the next trek. 


Before long I doubled back to encompass all that I grew to love: the walking, the trekking, the climbing until it all manifested itself toward my training and becoming an officially licensed guide.

Now I lead groups full time with my goal and ambition to share the passion and love I have for the Tuscan region with you and as many people as possible.


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Giulio Cuccioli | Hiking guide in Tuscany

Name: Leonardo 

Activity: Hiking & Trekking

Region of expertise: Pisa Area, Inland Tuscany, Apuan Alps

About me: I've grown up among forests and olive groves. My favourite games were climbing and playing in trees, drawing maps of my "discoveries" and observing insects.
As an adult, after many years spent behind a desk, I decided one day to change my life and convert my eternal passion for nature into a full time job.

In 2006 I became a Trekking Guide and since then, in addition to obviously trekking and hiking a lot, I've been involved in many different projects: environmental education, cartography, trail networks design and trail marking.

​I also work with natural parks, botanical gardens and natural history museums and hold lectures in courses for new guides.
My goals are to transmit to others love and respect for the environment, the beauty of staying outdoor and to help them to appreciate even the smallest form of life.
Luckily, thanks to my wonderful Tuscany this mission is not impossible!

Giulio Cuccioli | Hiking guide in Tuscany

Name: Stefano

Activity: Hiking & Trekking

Region of expertise: Garfagnana, Lucca and Apuan Alps

About me:

Giulio Cuccioli | Hiking guide in Tuscany

Name: Davide

Activity: MTB, Enduro and DH

Region of expertise: Pisa Area, Versilia Area

About me: I grew up in a little town in Garfagnana, sorrounded by the Apennine range, then I moved to Carrara, in the heart of the Apuan Alps. I’ve always been used to stay in the outdoors, which has been a very consistent part of my life since i was a child. I’ve always been a sportsman (i practiced karate for half of my life, but even tried swimming, running, rugby, basketball and many others), so when i moved to Pisa to get my degree in Biology, I started riding mountain bikes to keep myself fit. It took just a few rides to totally fall in love with mountain biking. It contains everything i love: nature, freedom, friendship, but also the satisfaction for reaching a peak, and that unique “playing in the woods” feeling of that only downhilling with a bike can provide. Nowadays my life is divided between the mtb world (guiding, shuttling, trailbuilding, teaching little kids and sometimes racing) and the craft beer one: i’m a masterbrewer and owner of a little pub in the centre of Pisa.