- Hiking in Tuscany through wild and untouched forests and hemirates churches -

The holy forest of Livorno's hills

Technical details

Hiking in Tuscany  can take place in many scenarios. in this case we hike in forest that has been untouched for a very long time, so secluted that heremites chosed it for their homes.


The hills that sorround Livorno are quite unique.  Super rich in water that the vegetation grows lushly into thick mediterrean woods that looks quite hard to penetrate. Indeed this walk takes place mostly into tunnels cutted out of the vegetation.  


We start our hike in one of these tunnel from which we emerge in a lunar like scenary. The path rolls up and down and the scenary changes from thick low vegetation to majesticly high oaks trees that makes the forest an indicator of the good health of the hills.  


We quickly gain the top of the hill and we take a narrow path that takes us down to an amazing spot where two rivers join into one. After a brief rest we keep on walking on an ancient path that will lead us to our final destiation: L'eremo della Sambuca - An abbandoned monastery amazingly well kept.  From there we re step some of our untill we reach the river again which we now follow down stream to an amazing natural pool... Yes, if it's summer time why not take a dip.


From there we re enter our tunnels into the vegetation and walk our way back to the place where we started the walk.


Distance : 12km

Type: Ring walk

Duration: 5hr

Elevation Gain: +350

Difficutly: Easy

Footwear needed: trekking shoes or boots

For kids: yes

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