Vorno valley

 -Hiking Tuscany through a secret valley and stunning ancient acqueduct -

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The beauty of Hiking in Tuscany discovery completelly unknown and surprising places. The hike in Vorno Valley is exactly one of those time when you're completelly blown away by what you will see through the hike.


Vorno is a tiny village mostly made out of villas and abbeys. It's placed in a lushly green valley full of water and so well kept that it earned the nick name of Tuscany's Switzerland. Yet, most people, even the local ones ignore the existence of this enchanted place.


To discover Vorno we take quite a detour, starting our hike in a parallel valley called the "parole d'oro" or  "The golden words", where we will walk along the ancient "Nottolini's acqueduct" that turns into a wild stream. We walk up, gently gaining the most of our elevation through pinewood forests and olive trees plantations. 


After we reach our first saddle, we give a first glimpse at Vorno, but instead of going straight down we turn eastward and walk on a beautiful single track path immersed in vegetation that leads to our lunch spot... the amazing "prato a sillori", a flower covered platoe.  From there we  enter Vorno's valley walking on another amazing single track path that twists, with snake-like development, in a rich chestnut tree forest.  The path dies where we finally start our decent into the Vorno's valley.


Following the noise of the "ghiaccetto" river, we climb down, crossing the path of the streams many times with sceneries adorned by waterfalls and pools until we reach the first gardens and villas of Vorno.


Our walk turns in to a lovely stroll in the walled adorned roads of the village. We visit the abbey, and gaze at the villas until village lead its way to open fields that make us company until we reach our starting point.

Guide: Giulio or Leonardo

Distance : 17.5km

Type: Ring walk

Duration: 7hr

Elevation Gain: +550

Difficutly: Easy

Footwear needed: trekking shoes or boots

For kids: yes

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