Distance : This is the total distance covered in the trek, of the whole day or of whole trekking in  in case of multi days trekking 




Back and forth: Singla day trekking, we start and begin on the same place walking on the same path going and coming back from our destination.

Ring walk: Single day trekking, we start and finish the trekking in the same place but we never retrace our stetps using different paths that form a ring.

Itinary: Multi day trekking, we start and finish in differtent places.

Itinary ring: Multi day trekking, but we end up in the same place where we started the trekking.



Duration: This is the total time required, including stops,  from when we start walking to when we get back to the car/B&B /place of start


Elevation Gain:  Total elevation of the day, in other words how many meters we walk up during our trek. 





Easy: No need of particular footwear, No steep or technical bits, no trekking or mountain experience required, no particular level of fitness required, always in sight of a city and easybly accesible by safety personell.


Moderate: Footwear is required, the path might have steep bits, a bit of trekking experience is required but not essential, a moderate level of fitness will make the trekk more enjoyable, might be away from city or help points.


Hard: Footwear is mandatory, the trek will have exposed and techincal sections, mountain and trekking experience is required, a good levele of fitness is also essential, often away from city and help.



Footwear needed: type of footwear required for this trekking, the guide might refuse to lead a member of the group if he doesn't have the right kind of foot wear


For kids: Bring your kids.... or don't!