Hiking in and wine tasting in Chianti

- Hiking in Tuscany through vineyards and wineries -


Technical details

Hiking in Tuscany at its very best. A hike that starts in the vineyards, conquer a ridge and descneds again in the vineyards.


Greve’s valley is adorned on both its sides with neat vineyards that turns into Oaks forest as they climb up the side of the valley.


Our walk starts in the centre of Greve, where we pass through its ancient main village square. We quickly abandon paved roads for a lovely country road that climbs up through “Uzzano” vineyards.  Later, at the end of the day we will visit the cellars and taste the wine of this amazing wine-maker.


We walk past the Uzzano castle and keep climbing through country roads lined with Cypress Trees until, as we gain elevation, they turn in to a magnificent Chestnut tree forest.  After a good half hour of walking up hill we reach the ridge of the hill, where a comfortable path takes through an amazing Pine tree that has the most amazing Felts undergrowth. 


From there we start our decent passing through ancient roman settlements now turned into beautiful houses. From one of these settlements named “convertoie” we walk down a roman built path that used to connect Siena with Volterra, and that takes back to the “Uzzano” Cellars to end our day with a fantastic wine tasting.



Distance : 17km

Type: Ring walk

Duration: 6hr

Elevation Gain: +500

Difficutly: Easy

Footwear needed: trekking shoes or boots

For kids: yes

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