Hiking in San Rossore Park

 - Hiking in Tuscany where kings and rulers used to walk-

Guide: Giulio or Leonardo

Diculty: flatlands - super easy
Duration: 2.5h on bike, 4h walking
Length/elevation: 10km - zero

Type: walking or biking

For kids: Yes - above 10 years old

Great for: Wild animals, remote beaches,

                   pristine nature

Links: San rossore official website

Hiking Tuscany most amazing natural park. San Rossore estate park is a truly unique place. Its history is as amazing as its natural wonders. It was first founded in the 1400 as a private hunting estate by the Medici Family, a noble family from Florence who ruled Tuscany for almost two hundred years.  After them, the property and managing of this amazing spot of land was passed over to the following ruling family up to the very firsts and last kings of Italy.

After monarchy ended, the estate became property of the Presidency of the Italian Repubblic, still living up to its high standards by being used as a holiday estate for the leaders of the world when they visited Italy.

Our hike starts at the entrance of the park, where we will walk along the ancient horse race track until we reach a really important water canal called the “dead river”. From there we will turn eastward and walk through many different envirionment from swamps and wet lands to pine wood forests and mediterrean scrub.


This ever changing scenario will be our setting until we reach the most amazing spot of the park, its beaches.  There one of the most amazing scenarios of northern Tuscnay will present it self in front of us.

We will have our picnic lunch on the beach and after a good rest basking in the sun we will head back into the forestry area of the park. There we will head northward and walk through one of the most majestic pinetree forests you will ever see, with some of the trees that have been there well over a century.

Once the “pineta” (Italian for pine tree forest) ends we will head south to get back to the entrance of the park.

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