- We operate mainly in Tuscany, with a special focus on the area surrounding Pisa and the Aupuan Alps.

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Best Times: All year around

These little mountains are practically undiscovered gems, even by many locals.  We are not only familiar with them, we love them.

A 10 minute drive from Pisa, they offer a large variety of 1-day treks which are rich both in historical sites and natural beauty.

Best Times: It depends on conditions - All year around

No need to travel far to find the thrill and excitement of high mountains.

As old as the Himalaya and as rich with history, the Apuan Alps feature marble quarries and abandoned mountain settlements along with spectacular views.  On a clear day you can even see the snow-peaked mountain tops of the sister Alps off in the distance.



Best Times: All year around

Needless to say,  there are not jus mountains in tuscany. Click and discover our offer of 1 day tours in the tuscan countryside