Discover the best of Tuscany by foot. Walk the land as a local would.

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Hiking, walking & trekking in Tuscany.

Exploring Italy by foot, whether called hiking, trekking or simply walking, can reward you with memories which will last a lifetime.


We organize numerous excursions and trekking tours including multi-day holidays throughout Tuscany.


At Azimut our mission is to be the bridge that connects you to wondrous emotions, treasures and memories that you never thought possible.


We want to expand  your view of touring Italy to include nature and the outdoors and seeing parts of Italy few have seen before, all with an experienced and local professional as your guide.


Any trip with us will leave you exhilarated and looking forward to your next trip with Azimut.



We hike, trek, and walk in three macro areas: The Apuan alps, The Pisan Mountains and Inland Tuscany .

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The alps rising from the sea


Drive for 30 minutes through beautiful  twisty roads, leaving everything  behind,  walking up the mountains thinking you're so far away all the while gazing up at the summit realizing that your just a few miles away from the Mediterranean Sea.

A tiny mountain range


No need to be a serious mountaineer to enjoy trekking. Enjoy an amazing one day hiking tour in these comfortable mountains that are within easy reach of your B&B.

The best region in Italy


Chianti, Maremma, Garfagnana, Casentino.  These areas are known worldwide for their immense beauty and uniqueness. Tuscany is where nature and culture meet to create something so magnificent  it will take your breath away.