- Hiking in Tuscany  discovering the most artistic village of the Apuna Alps and a secret cave -

Hiking to Grotta all'onda - the wave cave

Technical details

Hiking in Tuscany will always leave you satisfied. In this case every sense will have its share with amazing mountain landscapes and human made beauty.


Pictures won’t do this amazing walk justice.  Our trek starts in Casoli, an unknown and off the beaten path village that will surprise you at every corner with fascinating and beautiful graffiti. We cross the village and climb a steep path where we gain most of our elevation until we reach the tiny village of Tre Scolli.


From there we take our "highway", an old paved aqueduct which takes a twisting path through the woods on the side of the mountain until we reach the Wave Cave. Even before we reach the Wave cave we will hear the sound of the rushing water.


As the vegetation clears we get a full view of the magnificence of the area. The path runs the length of the opening of the cave through waterfalls and small rivers.  We step inside and rest. We then make our way back following the natural path of the stream which goes downhill. In summer we reach natural pools where we can take an icy dip.


We walk back into Casoli where we end our walk with an amazing aperitivo in one of the most traditional bars in Tuscany.

Guide: Giulio or Stefano

Distance : 10km

Type: Ring walk

Duration: 6hr

Elevation Gain: +750

Difficutly: Medium

Footwear needed: trekking shoes or boots

For kids: yes

Links:  Grotta all'onda on Lucca Terre

             Casoli official web site


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